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A Faerie Wedding by Stephanie Keyes Blog Tour - with Gabe Takeover & Giveaways!

Gabe Stewart's Blog Takeover
Book Review: Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

Hey peeps! I hope your having a rockin' day! Huge kudos to the super dope Gina Dickerson for having me here.

Lately I’ve started reading these classic books and reviewing them. Anyway, here's my review on this book by Vic Hugo.

Let me say that these people were MAJOR overreactors. So there's this girl, Jean Valjean, who steals this loaf of bread. They put her in prison. I mean, holy cow. Talk about extremes. Jean even has to change her identity. Oh, okay, wait. My best friend, K, just told me that he wasn’t a woman, but a dude.

So there's this guy, Jean Valjean. I guess maybe he gets a sex change? Anyway, he has to change his name and move to another town where he becomes the mayor. Then he helps this dying prostitute and ends up raising her child, Cosette. Then he’s captured and escapes. There’s a lot of capturing and escaping–seriously, this dude is like Houdini.

Meanwhile, people are still hunting him over this damn loaf of bread. I mean, geez! Who the heck cares about a few carbs. I would have just baked a new loaf and turned it in. K, do you know how to make bread? Okay, K says I’m getting off topic.

I'll tell you one thing. The book is really well titled because everybody in the book is freaking miserable. I mean, why even get out of bed? Most of them don't even have beds or bathe. And then Jean dies at the end. Can somebody give me a hug?

Gabe's Take: If you don't mind reading about some unpleasant people who've had a sex change, this is the book for you.

(Gabe Stewart is a fictional character in Stephanie Keyes' The Star Child Series. This piece is intended as a parody review and should not be interpreted as a true analysis of the book. Read more about Gabe, Singer, Kellen, and Calienta in A Faerie Wedding and Into Faerie. )
About the Book
A Faerie Wedding (The Star Child #4.5)
by Stephanie Keyes
Release Date: February 12, 2015 | Publisher: Inkspell Publishing
Genre: New Adult | Designer: Naj Qamber
Gabe Stewart has everything he ever wanted. Mortal Earth is safe. He’s a super-hero Protector whose best friend is within telepathic shouting distance. And then there’s his soul-mate, Singer. He knew right away she was the one he’d been waiting for.
But Gabe’s world shatters when Singer professes she doesn’t love him. On top of that, his mother admits she’s been messing with his memory making him doubt everything he’s ever known. And just when it seems things can’t get any worse, his best friend in the whole freaking world, Kellen St. James, wants Gabe to stop being his Protector. Being a Protector is who Gabe is. What will happen if he’s not standing between the prince and danger?
When the man who’s sacrificed his freedom is faced with life alone, which path will he choose? Will he remain the last Protector? Or will he finally get the happy ending he deserves?
*A Faerie Wedding is a companion novella--intended to be read after the other books in the series. It is a New Adult novella and features adult language and situations.
Keep the Magick going!

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Stephanie Keyes is the author of the YA Fantasy series, The Star Child, which includes The Star Child, After Faerie, The Fallen Stars, The Star Catcher, and The Last Protector. The Boy In The Trees, part of the Blood In The Shadows anthology, released in November 2015.

The Star Catcher won first place in the 2014 Dante Rossetti Young Adult Novel Awards—Mythological Category. The Star Child was a finalist in the 2015 BTS Magazine Reader's Choice Awards. Keyes was also selected as a 2015 Rutgers University One-On-One Plus Conference mentee. She's an active member of SCBWI.

Steph lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Mr. Keyes, her boys, Hip-Hop and Bam-Bam, and dogs Duncan MacLeod and Princess Riley. Steph is a hopeless romantic and Whovian who's shamelessly addicted to Nutella and spontaneous singing.

*Author photos courtesy of Kristina Serafini Photo

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Talking with Belfast 89FM...

Recently I chatted with Samantha Robb and Catriona King on Belfast first ever radio talk! Listen to it here:

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Two Steps Behind - A short story in memory

I previously posted this short story in 2012 but the sentiment behind it remains the same, several years on...this is for you, Mum...

Two Steps Behind

Frosty air grates my cheeks as I follow your footsteps. You don’t see me, I’m too far behind. Your black shoes slip slightly against the heel of your stocking covered foot. The pleats on your skirt billow with the light air, swirling pools of colour. Your pace quickens and I struggle to keep my eye on you as shoppers jostle past. You raise a leather encased hand to lift hair from your eyes, hitch your handbag back into position on your shoulder. You almost see me as you push open the door to the supermarket. Then, as the heavy door closes behind you, you are gone. Tears slide across my cheeks, pain marking their descent.

Sunlight licks my skin as I push my sunglasses on. Magnificent stone rises into the cloudless, aqua-marine sky. Tall shadows loom underfoot. Your laugh tinkles and weaves readily around my heart. Feet of air carry me behind you, between the ruins of monarchs passed. Your hair swings with the bounce in your step, you point out a view across distant fields through a glass-less window. I pause to enjoy the splendour, to soak in what brings the joy to your voice. You are far ahead, your footsteps resonate above as I place a first foot upon the stone step. Breathlessly I reach the top but you are not there.

My arm weighs heavy with the shopping bags hung over it. The first drops of rain begin to fall, splattering on my face. You point at a cafĂ© and rush towards it and I follow. You’re already in the queue when I carry a tray to the selection of cakes. You point at a chocolate muffin and I choose the same. I tell you to find a seat while I order the coffee. I pay and scan the room for you. The table you were at is empty.

My eyes are raw and my head pounds as I lay it on the pillow. Sleep takes a long time to find me, until exhausted I fall into a slumber. Then I see you, I reach out a hand and tap you on the shoulder and for the first time in what feels like an eternity, I see your face.

Written in memory of my wonderful mum, who lost her life to cancer at the tender age of just 48, and of this day which marks the sixth year without her. 

This short story appears in my collection of longer short stories, Underleaf available here: 

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Cover Reveal: All for You by Kristina O'Grady

About Kristina O'Grady: Kristina O'Grady has always loved telling a good story. She took up writing at a young age and spent many hours (when she should have been doing her math homework) writing romance stories in a book she hid in her sock drawer. She still remembers the first romance book she ever read. She was without anything to read (oh no) while on vacation with her family and bought a book in the small shop in the hotel lobby. It involved an Earl, a horse and very bad fever and of course, a Lady. Since then she has been hooked on the Regency era.

Kristina grew up on a cattle ranch in Western Canada and although has been told many times she should be writing about cowboys, she can't seem to leave the fantasy of Dukes and Earls alone. She worked in the Oil and Gas Industry for several years first as a laborer, machine operator, crew foreman, technician and eventually as an environmental consultant. She loves getting out in the fresh air and enjoying the peace of nature. In mid 2000 Kristina met her own knight in shining armor/cowboy who swept her off her feet and across the world to New Zealand, where she now lives on a sheep and beef farm with her amazingly supportive husband, three gorgeous young kids, seven working dogs and one very needy cat.

Cover reveal hosted by Jenny In Neverland