Mortiswood Tales books on sale!

The first two Mortiswood Tales books are on a Kindle countdown (US and UK) until the 9th October. Each book is 99p/99c so if you haven't already nabbed a copy now is the chance before they go back to full price! Both books are also free for Kindle Unlimited.

Buy Book One on: 

"Whether you like fantasy, New Adult or simply a feisty female protagonist, you should certainly pick up this book."

"Loved the adrenaline and the fighting scenes are fabulous."

"From the first chapter I was drawn into Kaelia's world."

"Punchy and packed with bite this book is a fantasy novel with a difference."

"Bran who is one of those bad ass magical characters."

"Descriptions are very vivid." 

                                     "Constantly grabs you, it thrills and scares you."

Buy Book Two on:

"I cannot give this series enough praise."

"Has me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next instalment."

"Really looking forward to reading more."

"Enjoyed discovering The Salloki world through its very descriptive narration."

"Great characters and a stunning world built around them."

"An excellent follow-up to Kaelia awakening."


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