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A haunting YA thriller you won't be able to put down, White Lies is a boarding school story - with a shockingly dark twist. Everybody hurts

For Abigail, a new school could be the fresh start she so desperately needs. With her parents in the army and her sister Beth too far away to run to, she knows this year needs to be different. She's never been part of the cool crowd and for the first time Abby wants to fit in. And all it takes is just one little white lie…because some truths are too painful to share.

Everybody lies

But at Cotswold Community College, Abby isn't the only one with a past she'd rather forget. And when she stumbles across a closely-guarded secret, Abigail realises that her one little white lie could reveal everything she’s worked so hard to hide…

“Wouldn’t you rather write books for adults?”

I get asked this a lot. Mostly by relatives or family friends who’re curious as to why a 38-year-old woman would want to write stories for teenagers.

The short answer’s pretty straightforward: No!

The slightly longer answer is that adults read YA novels too, but sometimes you’re fighting a losing battle with this one. People tend to either get it, or they don’t, and if they’re asking the question in the first place, they don’t.

I write books for young adults because I want to; and I want to because their worlds tend to be so much more interesting than ours (by which I mean mine). I’d be bored witless writing specifically for someone my age. Right now I spend the majority of my day looking forward to bedtime, the majority of my disposable income on weirdly-flavoured tea, and I often wake up around midnight with my glasses hanging off and a book stuck to my face. When I was a teenager though! I can’t give specifics because there’s a chance my mum will read this and then I’ll be for it, but it was just such an electrifying time in general – so many possibilities – so much freedom. And yes, it could be torturous and tumultuous too, but it was never dull, never predictable. It always felt like anything could happen.

That’s what I look for when I read a book; I want a story where anything can happen, where I don’t know from the first page exactly what will happen on the last.

My own bookshelves are made up of around 75% YA. It’s the genre where I most often find a unique sense of freedom in the writing – freedom to break down walls and punch readers full force in the gut when they least expect it. These are 100% the kind of books I want to read, which makes them by definition the exact kind I want to write.

There will always be adults who, for whatever reason, don’t view them as quite as ‘real’ or ‘worthy’ as other types of fiction. This understandably upsets a lot of people, but I tend not to be one of them, because anyone who thinks like this is totally missing out, and quite deservedly so :)

About the author: Zoë lives in West Oxfordshire with her husband, son and the obligatory two cats. A full-time copy-editor by day, she writes late into the night, fuelled by coffee - not, as she tells all her son's friends - fresh blood and cold empty darkness.

​Zoë likes her fiction dark and disturbing, loathes even the tiniest element of pink fluffiness and has an inexplicable fear of mushrooms. She will do anything to avoid interacting with the Real World wherever possible.

If you'd like to know more, Zoë can usually be found talking books on Twitter, and rarely bites if you'd like to say Hello.

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