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Swords Around the Throne 
(Twilight of Empire Book 2)

Published by Head of Zeus

Rome is in peril. The old order is changing - and Centurion Aurelius Castus has been summoned back from Britain, to find himself caught up in a treasonous conspiracy threatening to bring down the Emperor Constantine.

Rewarding for saving the Emperor's life in battle, Castus is promoted to the Corps of Protectores, the elite imperial bodyguard. The swords around the throne.

But he soon discovers the court to be as dangerous as the battlefield; behind the gilded façade of empire, there are spiralling plots, betrayals and seductions. A nest of traitors. And one relentless enemy.


‘Forgive us for summoning you at this unusual hour,’ the thin man said. His voice was sharp and bitter as a knife blade. ‘Some business is best conducted while others sleep. I am Julius Nigrinus, Tribune of Notaries, and my associate Flaccianus here is an officer of the agentes in rebus. I believe I know one of you already.’
‘We’ve met,’ Castus said. His jaw cracked as he yawned.
‘I shan’t keep you long. Earlier today, as you know, an attempt was made on the life of our beloved Augustus Constantine.’ Nigrinus paused, and Castus noticed him wetting his lips with his tongue. ‘I have been ordered to conduct an inquiry into the matter, and discover who was responsible for this treasonous act.’
‘The men who tried it are already dead,’ Brinno said, his Germanic accent giving the words a harsh clip.
‘Indeed. Your comrade here saw to one of them, and as for the other… Very convenient, would you not say, that both died before they could be questioned? Convenient for those who paid them, and planned this outrage…’

 Castus was trying to guard his anger, but the memory of all that this notary had done in Britain four years before felt fresh in his mind. The men who had died for his schemes.

About the author

Ian Ross has been researching and writing about the later Roman world and its army for over a decade. He spent a year in Italy, teaching English, but now lives in Bath.

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