The Lost Child by Ann Troup - Guest post plus giveaway!

Today I'm joining the Neverland Blog Tour for Ann Troup's book The Lost Child. Ann is holding a fantastic giveaway, and there's a great guest post below as well!

About the book:

Mandy Miller disappeared from Hallow’s End when she was just 3 years old. She was never found.

Thirty years on, Elaine Ellis is carrying her mother’s ashes back to Hallow’s End to scatter them in the place that she once called home. Elaine has never been there, but it’s the only place Jean talked about while she was growing up – so it seems as good a place as any.

As Elaine settles into her holiday cottage in the peaceful Devonshire village, she gets to know the locals; family she never knew she had, eccentric and old-fashioned gentry, and new friends where she would least expect them. But she is intrigued by the tale of the missing girl that the village still carries at its heart, and which somehow continues to overshadow them all. Little does she know how much more involved in the mystery she will become…

About Ann:

Ann Troup tells tales and can always make something out of nothing (which means she writes books and can create unique things from stuff other people might not glance twice at). She was once awarded 11 out of 10 for a piece of poetry at school – she now holds that teacher entirely responsible for her inclination to write.

Her writing space is known as ‘the empty nest’, having formerly been her daughters bedroom. She shares this space with ten tons of junk and an elderly Westie, named Rooney, who is her constant companion whether she likes it or not. He likes to contribute to the creative process by going to sleep on top of her paperwork and running away with crucial post-it notes, which have inadvertently become stuck to his fur. She is thinking of renaming him Gremlin.

She lives by the sea in Devon with her husband and said dog. Two children have been known to remember the place that they call home, but mainly when they are in need of a decent roast dinner, it’s Christmas or when only Mum will do. She also has extremely decent stepchildren.

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Guest Post:

The one overriding element from all of the reviews for The Lost Child is how much people like Brodie Miller, the young protagonist in the story. She is always the character that people connect to most and even my husband says that she needs a book of her own! I may have to take his advice on this because although all of the other characters have managed to leave quietly, Brodie remains in my imagination as a very loud and larger than life presence. She’s quite a demanding little soul, so I thought you might like to see how we communicate ;)

ME: So, you’re not going to go away are you?

BRODIE: Uh, no! You want to play Frankenstein, you’re gonna get stuck with the monster – you made me, now you’re lumbered with me. Besides, consider it revenge for sticking me with those two old biddies in that hell-hole Hallow’s End! I mean, what kind of author comes up with that?

ME: Good question, but it all turned out all right in the end didn’t it?

BRODIE : Yeah, eventually – no thanks to you though – I mean, really? Like REALLY?? There were points in that book where I honestly thought you were going to bump me off, and there’s gratitude for you, like you’d have even had a story without me!

ME: Well, I must admit you are a key player, but it wouldn’t have been much of a story if I hadn’t stuck you up a few trees and thrown rocks at you.

BRODIE: Yeah, but there are rocks and there are rocks innit? I mean, take Fern – she isn’t exactly a pebble is she? If we’re talking rocks lobbing that one at me was like shooting a boulder from a rocket launcher! So yeah, thanks for that!

ME: But I did give you Dan and Elaine to make up for it…

BRODIE: *shrugs* S’pose. Could’ve been worse. Could have ended up stuck with Fern for life! *shudders*. So, now it’s all over, and we’ve established I ain’t going nowhere, when do I get my own book? Huh?

ME: What did you have in mind?

BRODIE: Dunno, I quite fancy being really kick ass, like I dunno, going out there and putting the world to rights or something.

ME: Or something?

BRODIE: Yeah, or something – you know what I mean! Sheesh, you’re the bloody writer, make something up! But I wanna be grown up, and tough, but you know, kind of nice too – and I want  boyfriend, no, wait, I want loads of blokes all after  me but like I’m all aloof and stuff…

ME: Whoa there missus – I don’t write romance!

BRODIE: *smirks*, Yeah you do, you just sneak it in where people aren’t expecting it. Anyway, so I’m getting a book right?

ME: We’ll see, I’ll think about it.

BRODIE: *punches the air* Yessss!!!

ME: I said, I’ll think about it.

BRODIE: *Smirks, pokes tongue out, folds arms, grins*.

ME: Did you just give me the ‘it’s in the bag’ look?

BRODIE: Might’ve.

That’s how it goes folks, the little blighter never lets up!

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