New Release: Twisted Thoughts

I've been pretty busy these past few months with writing as well as beginning to put together a design website. Having had The Pennington Christmas Curse published by Limitless Publishing earlier this year, and then releasing the second Mortiswood Tales book, I thought I'd finally work on putting together a selection of poems.

The Twisted Thoughts collection features some poems written while I was still a teenager way back in the mid 1990’s and scribbled the words in countless notepads with a favourite fountain pen long since lost (sadly, I do miss that pen!). The collection is twisted throughout with darkness stirred into a mix of emotions, and each offering tells a story, whether it be romantic, obsessive, frightening, or amusingly twisted. I deliberated over whether to release this collection, after all these poems have been penned for over more than two decades! Taking the plunge, I enjoyed putting this collection together, especially creating the it is:

The paperback version is currently in preparation and should be ready (fingers crossed) in a few more days, the Kindle version is available now and priced at 99p. 

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On another note, I bought a brand new rug which cannot be vacuumed but has to be brushed. Guess who loves it? Of course, my really hairy dog! It's not as if he doesn't have two beds of his own!


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