Tuesday, 29 April 2014

More Mortiswood cover art!

Lately I've worked on two covers: Underleaf (short story collection) and the second book in the Mortiswood Tales series, Kaelia Falling - which is due out at the end of summer. 

I love writing and I also really like creating covers but they are so time consuming! I spend quite a long time trawling the stock photo sites for a model with the right pose. I don't worry too much about clothing and hair as I edit all stock images I purchase. After making several different versions of the cover - one with bright flowers and toadstools instead of flames - I finally settled on this version . . .

It's on Goodreads and over on the Mortiswood blog.

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sketching Mortiswood!

While I'm working away on the second book in my Mortiswood Tales series I decided to have a little fun sketching the main characters. I've not drawn seriously for quite a few years so this really was a change for me! I sketched the characters several times over, and then worked on the whole lot with some digital enhancing. I must admit I am a little nervous unleashing them onto my blog . . .

Here are the characters together in a woodland scene (although they do not all get along!):

And individually . . . Kaelia is the main character . . .

The first book in the series is currently only 77p/99c over on Amazon sites! It's on Goodreads with a giveaway running until the 14th April 2014 for the chance to win a signed paperback here. 

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Hope you're having a lovely week. It has been mostly sunny here, which is a plus as it's the Easter holidays!    

Mortiswood Sketches - Copyright - Gina Dickerson        

Sunday, 6 April 2014

My Makeover - Part Two!

Having already treated my desk to a makeover (see here), I decided to tidy up my writing area, and pretty-up a sideboard and a chest-of-drawers to use as storage. It took me about five days to decorate them but that was because I spent a ridiculous amount of time organising the cut out pictures so I had my most favourite cuttings in the most prominent positions!

Both pieces of furniture were plain beforehand...

My dog loves that I have my desk near to the back garden - I love it so I can watch what he's up to!

The drawers, which I have already filled with 'writerly' stuff. On top are some collectibles, including a lovely decorative plate of St. Petersburg given to me by a friend when she visited from Russia. 

The sideboard will come in useful as I can swivel around on my chair and use the top surface to spread out all my notes etc.!

I hope I can keep my writing corner this tidy!

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