Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Blog Tour Days Nine and Ten - Mortiswood: Kaelia Awakening

This time I'm posting two days worth of shoes together. They are pictured in order. I chose a pair of studded sandals for day nine, thinking they would be comfortable as I had a shopping afternoon planned. They were not comfy and by the end of the afternoon I couldn't wait to wrench them off my feet and throw them, preferably at whoever in the shoe marketing land came up with the tag "soft walk" for these particular shoes.

For today, day ten, I have chosen a pair of extreme platform blue glitter heels. Now, I wouldn't even attempt to pop to the local shop in these. These shoe-boots are definitely not made for walking, more for teetering! My pooch simply had to get in with today's photo . . .

 As you may have read in previous posts the tour is being hosted by the lovely Jenny from Neverland Blog Tours, and runs until this Friday, 12th September. There are reviews, a guest post, and still lots of giveaways. There's a Facebook party where links to reviews and giveaways will be posted, join here. Check out the tour schedule here.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!
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