My Makeover - Part Two!

Having already treated my desk to a makeover (see here), I decided to tidy up my writing area, and pretty-up a sideboard and a chest-of-drawers to use as storage. It took me about five days to decorate them but that was because I spent a ridiculous amount of time organising the cut out pictures so I had my most favourite cuttings in the most prominent positions!

Both pieces of furniture were plain beforehand...

My dog loves that I have my desk near to the back garden - I love it so I can watch what he's up to!

The drawers, which I have already filled with 'writerly' stuff. On top are some collectibles, including a lovely decorative plate of St. Petersburg given to me by a friend when she visited from Russia. 

The sideboard will come in useful as I can swivel around on my chair and use the top surface to spread out all my notes etc.!

I hope I can keep my writing corner this tidy!

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  1. How lovely to have the surroundings you created yourself. It all looks brilliant.

    1. Thank you, Jacqueline. It makes the area feel more 'me' for sure!

  2. Wow, lovely and vibrant. Wish I could do same here but mother would faint! LOL

    1. Thank you, Glynis! It is a fun thing to do, although takes ages! Maybe start off with something small to ease your mother into the idea?!


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