My make-over!

I do spend quite a bit of time at my desk and have always thought it was a rather boring looking piece of furniture. Functional but not very pretty. In need of something - a makeover! Here it is pre-pretty:

I cut out lots of pictures from magazines, my old shoe calender, and pieces of wrapping paper then stuck these all over the desk until it was completely covered. I applied a top-coat of PVA glue and waited, impatiently, for it all to dry before placing a sheet of acrylic over the top surface. 

I bought a pink and purple leopard print beach towel to cover the chair with, laid it over the chair, pinned it into place and then sewed it while on to ensure a snug fit. I cut up two old scarves to make ties to fix the towel seat cover around the arms so it is easy to remove for cleaning.

A piece of glass makes a good, see-through coaster. The pink pen-pot is a plastic sundae cup which nicely matches my pink lamp! The only problem with the acrylic top is that my bluetrack mouse can't be detected so I need to use a mousemat.

My dog had to check out the underneath of the desk . . .

I much prefer sitting at my desk now and feel it's more me. Next on the pretty-up list: a set of drawers that I want to use for storing my paperwork in. I'm torn between spraying them gold and going for a distressed look or continuing the desk theme . . .

Thanks for stopping by and for reading!


  1. Hi Gina .. that does look so much fun - I'd spend my time dreaming up stories around the pictures .. wonderfully creative space ..

    Enjoy writing there .. and have a happy 2014 - cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary,
      Thank you! It certainly was distracting at first. The good thing is that I can add to the photographs, or cover over ones I become bored with!
      Happy 2014, hope your year is a good one so far.
      Thanks for popping by and reading!

  2. OMG Gina, I LOVE your desk. I so want to jazz mine up, which as you know is very much in need of a makeover. Yours looks fab!

    1. Thank you, Sue! It took hours to stick the pictures on, plus two bottles of glue! The acrylic is a bit of a dust magnet!


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