Review: Shaman's Drum by Ailsa Abraham

Shaman's DrumShaman's Drum by Ailsa Abraham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is an interesting tale and the first piece of writing I have read by Ailsa Abraham. I liked the way the story was told by both of the main characters, giving an insight to their emotions and thoughts. Both characters are strong, Riga is a Black Shaman assassin and Iamo is a warrior monk. Despite their differences, in belief, height!, upbringing, and allegiance, their love for each other shines through.

By no means is it easy for Riga and Iamo to love each other in a world where, although mainstream religion has been banned, opinion and the thirst for power dependent on varying belief still exists. I found this to be a gripping story where the magic is real and an integral part of the person it belongs to. I loved Riga's Shamanic magic, her spirit animal and guide.

Not only do Riga and Iamo have a battle on their hands where their love for each other is concerned but they have to fight various renegades and demons - what a fight it is! Oh, there was one character in particular I really disliked and I'm glad that character received what was deserved!

Shaman's Drum is a touchingly romantic tale with fantasy and adventure, an interesting mix of characters, magic, and beliefs. I enjoyed it and if I enjoy a story, I always give it top marks!

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