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Kicking off the first author interview on my blog is the very lovely Glynis Smy. I have read two books by Glynis - Ripper, My Love and Ripped Genes and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Hello, welcome to On The Page With . . . Make yourself comfortable on the sofa, don’t mind my dog he may look like a wolf but he only wants to lick your hand - not eat you . . . well, not if you throw him one of those homemade cupcakes on the table beside you . . .

Many thanks for inviting me into your home, Gina. Your dog is gorgeous but not sure I will be sharing my cupcake, they look gorgeous!

So, Glynis, where does the writing magic happen? Can you share a snap? 

Having moved back to the UK, and moved into my mother’s home I was concerned about where I was going to write. As you can see, I need not have worried, we created a space for me in the study.

Where would be your ideal place to write - location/room etc.?

I have moved in to care for my mother, and she has the most adorable summerhouse. There is talk of adding electricity, and heating to the room, and creating me a writing home. It would be perfect.

What do you write and what are you currently working on?

I write historical romance with a twist. I also write poetry. Ripper, My Love was my debut novel, it has a suspenseful twist in the tale. Maggie’s Child is a historical romance, and Ripped Genes is book two alongside, Ripper, My Love, again, another one with a suspense twist. My latest wip will be released in the New Year, and is based around where I am living in the UK. I started writing it in Cyprus so now I am actually in the heart of the town, (Dovercourt, Essex, UK), to be able to gain some inspiration from atmosphere is wonderful. Just a walk along the beach can create a scene in my mind, and Elle Buchanan, my character, loves inhaling the sea air again. It brings her alive.

I live by the sea, too, and agree it is wonderfully inspirational. I love the name Elle, I'll be eager to "meet" her! How long have you been writing, Glynis?

I have written for as long as I can remember. My poetry gained me recognition in a few competitions, and I won a prize for a short story. My novel writing is now in its fifth year. I am attending the Festival of Romance in a few weeks, and will meet a few friends I have been in touch with all that time but never met. Excited cannot describe how I feel.

I hope you had a lovely time at the Festival of Romance! Do you have a particular writing routine?

Sadly, I no longer have a routine. I write when I can. I do tend to sit and pound the keys for several hours, or grab a notepad and sit by the sea where my dad is now resting. I talk out the plot with him, and hope nobody notices the mad lady talking to herself while enjoying the view.

That's a touching scene, Glynis, I understand what it is to lose a parent. What’s your favourite tipple to consume while writing? I like green tea but hate having to make the trip to the kitchen for it!

For Christmas last year, DH bought me a Nespresso machine, (my baby), I start the writing session off with one of those, and then plod out to the kitchen for a fruit tea when I can tear myself away. If it is evening, a glass of wine helps the imagination!

I'm jealous - a Nespresso machine! I agree completely about the wine! Can you tell me something non-writing related about yourself - hobby/interest/hates/passions etc. For example, I love shoes. No, seriously, I love them!

I enjoy cross-stitch, and make greetings cards for fundraising. It supports the local Alzheimer’s group who helped dad, and mum, during his dark days. Ah, shoes. I have never bothered about clothes, and shoes, however, my return to the UK has brought out the fashion girl in me, and the loss of over two stone (30 lb+), has added a bit of confidence to my shopping experience. I now own a new wardrobe, and recently purchased new boots, bag and shoes, along with fashion jewellery. DH is stunned but enjoys the ‘new me’. Even my writing gear is no longer pj’s with a sweatshirt addition. Gok Wan is my friend! 

I have seen a photo of a giraffe card you made and it was fabulous! Wow, congratulations on your weight loss, and how nice you now have a new wardrobe - a well deserved treat! Can you share a bit about your most recent release?

Although, Maggie’s Child is not the most recent, it is proving to be the reader’s favourite. This surprised me. The other two complement each other and tick along in their own little world, while Maggie trots along with her head held high. I really did think the book would fade into the background against the others but no, it shines brightly for me, and has been compared to writers such as, Josephine Cox, George Eliot, and Catherine Cookson. Can you see my smile?

I can see your smile and now I have to add Maggie's Child to my Goodreads TBR list! I know you are self-published, can you share why you decided to take this route? I know how much hard work it is being self-published myself!

After receiving a personal rejection letter written by a top New York agent, where she praised my writing but didn’t know what genre to place Ripper, My Love, I discussed it with a few writing friends, and pondered the self-publishing route. A publisher expressed interest in the book but wanted me to remove two main characters which would have altered the whole storyline. I decided that I would turn them down, and find my own way in the published world.
As I said, I've read two of your books and really enjoyed them. I loved the storyline of Ripper, My Love the way you wrote it. What is the biggest hurdle you've encountered being self-published?

Formatting. Formatting, and formatting! It drives me crazy. My friend, Dieter, over at ebook Fix, really sorted me out when I got stuck. Jen Moon helped with the book cover creation. Who am I kidding, she pulled my ideas together and designed the lot! Dieter (ebook-fix.com) and Jen Moon (thepageturner2012 on Facebook).

Your books have lovely covers and formatting so they have done an excellent job! What do you love most about being self-published?

The freedom to price, and alter the book on a whim. No having to answer to another over any decisions to be made. 

What has been the most useful piece of advice you have read/been given?

Believe in yourself, never give up the dream. Don’t focus upon writing for riches, simply enjoy the process.

If you have a pet, can you share a snap? 

Sadly, our dear dog died last year, and the rescue dogs we re-homed before leaving Cyprus. We cannot have pets because mother has a rare lung disease. I do miss walking a dog and have offered my services to her neighbour.

Sorry to hear about your mum's condition and your dear dog. You've been a lovely guest, Glynis, so let's finish off with your links:

 I also run a site on Wordpress where I showcase books for authors, free of charge. I do not review the books, simply show them off. I showcase six per week, and am full until January 2014 so you can see how popular the site is!  The Virtual Bookcase 

Well, I cannot eat anymore delicious cupcakes or I won’t fit into my new clothes. Thank you for having me on your blog today, Gina, it’s been fun. I will now take a ride along the prom on my new bike and burn a few calories.

Oh, I've seen a picture of your new bike and it's lovely, too!  Thanks again, Glynis!

* * * * *
Thanks for stopping by and reading the first "On The Page With . . . "


  1. Hi Gina, thank you for hosting me! I noticed a couple of typo's, and cringed. My haste to get to the Festival of Romance made me sloppy!

    Now I am back, I will share the interview.

    1. Hi Glynis,

      Thanks for visiting my blog! It's a wonderful interview - sorry I overlooked any typo's! I saw you had a lovely time at the FoR!

  2. Great first interview in this series, Gina! I'm looking forward to reading more of them.

    1. Thanks, Melanie. Thank you for reading!


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