Mortiswood Launch - 2nd Giveaway!

Here is the second giveaway of the Mortiswood Launch party!

A wolf charm, beaded bangle - handmade (x3) plus a diamante bookmark!

To enter this competition you must:

1) Join/have joined the Facebook party - click here.
2) Tweet that the book is free for Kindle today, or re-tweet my tweet from my timeline @GinaDWriter
(You only have to tweet this once, even if you enter other giveaways today, so if you have done this already ignore this step) 
Highlight the text below for your tweet: 

Kindle ebook today. Mortiswood: Kaelia Awakening by @GinaDWriter - fantasy, romance, adventure  

3) Tweet at me that you want to win this! Copy this text:

I want to win a wolf bangle! @GinaDWriter #mortiswood

OR If you are able to comment on this blog post, please do!

* * * * 

The giveaway info:
This giveaway is open worldwide on the 1st November 2013 only to entrants who have followed steps 1) & 3), 2) only needs to be done once today. There are three bangles &; three bookmarks to be won (3 separate winners). Names will entered into a list randomizer on and the top three names generated by the list randomizer win the prizes. Winners will be announced after 8.30pm GMT 1st November 2013 on this blog and in the Facebook party, with links on Twitter. The last time for entering is 8.00pm GMT 1st November 2013.

* * * * *

Remember: The Kindle book is FREE across all Amazon sites today! (Check before downloading). Pick up a copy FREE - also available on other Amazon sites:

Add the book on Goodreads, there is also a giveaway running on Goodreads to win a paperback copy.

Thanks for stopping by and for reading, I hope you download a copy of the book while it is free - and, of course, enjoy it!


  1. I'd love to win anything wolfie please! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!

  2. Hi Gina! All done... love all your wolfie things!

  3. Hi Gina The book looks fabulous. I hope you are on the best sellers list very soon. I'm sorry I can't tweet your link (I don't do Twitter) but hope I've shared your page with my Facebook friends.


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