Review of The Time of The Hunter's Moon by Victoria Holt

I stumbled across a copy of this in a local coffee shop which has a reading book swap. I put in one of my own I no longer wanted and chose this. I think the cover drew me to it!

The Blurb:

During the last weeks of her stay at an exclusive finishing school in Switzerland, Cordelia Grant, in the company of three friends, has a strange experience in a nearby forest. It occurs at the time of the Hunter's Moon and the attractive man whom the girls encounter seems to them to be a mysterious figure, conjured up out of local legend.

Returning to England, Cordelia takes a post in a girls' school, situated among the ancient ruins of a Devon abbey. There she becomes disturbed by Sir Jason Verringer, the local landowner to whom the abbey belongs.

Surrounded by unsavoury rumours, his reputation is sinister - and yet Cordelia cannot help but be drawn to him.

Tension mounts at the time of the Midsummer Moon when a pageant is staged by the school among the abbey ruins; and when Cordelia has news from the girls who shared her forest adventure, she begins to realise that her past is becoming dangerously entwined with the present.

short review from Goodreads:

The Time Of The Hunter's MoonThe Time Of The Hunter's Moon by Victoria Holt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first book I've read by Victoria Holt. At times it felt a little slow but I really enjoyed this Gothic romance. There were twists and turns which livened the pace. I would definitely read more of Victoria Holt's work.

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