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Today, 20th February, is the third anniversary of the death of my mum. Each year previously I have posted a special blog post in her memory but this year I thought I'd just re-share the previous years posts:

Here are pictures I posted in 2011 - glimpses into the life we shared and times we spent together.

Here is a short story I wrote in memory of her in 2012, it also features in my short story collection, Underleaf.

So, this is a rather short blog post but thanks for stopping by and for reading.


  1. Hi Gina .. memories - and time frames ... but it's always good to remember ...

    Love the one of your mother in the blue dress, and when she was in yellow - stunning ... oh and those curtains I had pinky circle ones in my flat - I was so chuffed!

    Do we get to see the Swarkoviski shoes? Love the one of your Mum and your son ... generally what a great collection ..

    Thanks for posting both previous posts .. she was so so young ... but at least your son had some time with her and you obviously had lots of holidays where you cared and shared with each other and the family ...

    Have a peaceful reflective day ... Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary,

      Thanks for reading. I really like the picture when my mum was in the yellow also - it was after a school sports one summer in the 1980's and was very warm!

      I will post pictures of the shoes at some stage, I still have mine.

      Thank you for your kind thoughts.


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