Column from Isle Of Thanet Gazette, 23rd November 2012

As the column appeared in the paper,
Isle Of Thanet Gazette
Late last year I was lucky enough to be invited to write a little something for my local newspaper, Isle Of Thanet Gazette which appeared both in paper form and online.  

Here is my first ever column (published in the IOTG 23rd November 2012), I also drew the cartoon!

Below is an easier read version!

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Illustration Copyright Gina Dickerson
What a thrill it is when the perfect, body-transforming garment caresses you but how deflating when nothing feels right. This is exactly how I felt when shopping in preparation for the opening evening of UpDown Gallery

After spending a ridiculous amount of time online researching “outfits for gallery openings”, I’d whittled the advice down:

1) Dress in something comfortable.
2) Don’t try to look “arty”.
3) It’s nice to make an effort to show appreciation.
4) Don’t wear something which makes you centre stage.

Bearing this in mind, I trotted to the shops. First off I tried leather trousers - cue much giggling as I tugged them on, the material emitting rude passing-wind sounds. Bending up and down exacerbated it, eliminating the idea.

After three hours, red-hot feet, own fault for wearing stupid high heels, and twenty changes I was ready to scream when the fashion-fairy shone a light on something I’d been avoiding; a little black dress. Why had I ignored the LBD? Topped off with a lace jacket, black tights, heels, and a claret patent bag (providing a nod towards a colour trend of this season), I was ready to art appreciate.

Excitement sparked in the evening air. The gallery building, elegantly lit, beckoned. Inside the space felt intimately inviting, white with a hint of dove-grey walls cleverly pushed Sir Peter Blake’s bold works into the fore.

Outfits of others ranged from several pairs of muddied boots to designer clad elegance and everything in-between. My LBD was comfortable although less could be said about the shoes - too high again!

Now another shopping quest’s on the list: buying something from the label LuckyBrand as Sir Peter Blake collaborated and designed for them a shopping tote. I wouldn’t know whether to frame it or use it!
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