Saturday, 10 November 2012

Christmas Memories of Mum

This morning, as I sat watching The Decoy Bride (treating myself to a break from writing!) and the main character explained how her mother was dying, thoughts turned to my own mum who died in 2010 after bravely fighting breast cancer, surviving for eight more wonderful years before the beast (there were eight expletives here - typed with tensed, clawed fingers pre-edit) returned and devoured her.

Strong, loving, and courageous even as she lay in her bed, an uncomfortable oxygen mask upon her face, she never stopped being my mum. Christmas time is always hard, not just the actual day but the time leading up to it. We would eagerly snatch up early Christmas decorations as they appeared on the shelves at the end of October (usually from TK Maxx at Westwood Cross. We loved TK Maxx, it stole our hours from us).

Time will not heal the hole in my life my mum left behind but I carry that hole as part of me, the same as I carry her for ever in my heart. I will always wish she could have held my first ever novel in her hand, so in this lead up to Christmas time, I can only remember the many shopping trips we shared and for her I write a first Christmas novella, Unveiling Christmas. Maybe now it is time I started a new Christmas tradition - writing a festive themed story each year, each dedicated to my brave mother.

Do you have a Christmassy thing you do every year? Do you snap up pre-Christmas bargains and squirrel them away for the festive season? What's your favourite thing about Christmas?