Friday, 21 September 2012


I'm close to finishing my short-story mash-up which comprises two short stories, one featuring Saze, the main character from the novel Lies Love Tells (out now), and another with Imogen, a character from the novel Man-Ache (due out at the end of the year). I thought I had the cover decided but now have a different idea to consider, so here they are, in order, and I'd love to know which one would make you want to read the ebook.

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I'm Not Really Here...

Hello *waves*, I'm not really here but over on the lovely Natalie Flynn's blog talking about my short story collection, Underleaf. Natalie is the author of The Day I Died, a collection of ten short stories, check it out on her blog here.

So, while I'm not really here, I thought I'd share the cover of a short story mash-up I'm working on at the moment. It comprises a story involving Saze Monnivan, from my novel Lies Love Tells (available now), plus another featuring Imogen James, from my upcoming novel Man-Ache. The book will also include a sample of Lies Love Tells and a sneak-peek sample of Man-ache. I will be offering this as a FREE e-book. Here's the cover, what do you think? 

Cover illustrations ~ Copyright ~ Gina Dickerson
I was super-excited over a very wonderful review of Lies Love Tells in my local newspaper, The Isle of Thanet Gazette. Here it is: (it's also online here)

From the Isle of Thanet Gazette, September 7th 2012
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