Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A signed Talli-Tale!

Have you heard of Talli Roland? If you have you'll already know how lovely she is, if you haven't then, well...she is lovely. 

Author photo courtesy of Talli Roland.
Talli has written great books, all of which I have consumed and enjoyed, and when I asked her if she would mind signing my copy of her novel,  Build A Man, she kindly obliged. Build A Man is the first novel in the Serenity Holland series. 

Isn't that such a wonderful message? I think so! Have you read Build A Man yet, or the second in the series, Construct A Couple? They are entertaining and fun! 

Talli Roland on and Amazon UK.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Summer My Pics!

I've not posted for a while, being super-busy with the school summer holidays, finishing Underleaf (a collection of 16 strange short stories, available for the Kindle now and soon to be available in paperback) and then working on Man-Ache (2nd novel), so I thought I'd share some of the photo's I've snapped over this summer. I used to take my "real" camera out with me, mostly whenever I left the house, but now opt instead for using the camera in my phone as it's a lot lighter and always with me! 

I'm a bit, okay I'm lying...I am a massive shoe collector and at last count I had around the two-hundred and fifty pairs mark (that's not a lot , is it?!), but now I've lost count and I'm wondering if I could actually wear a different pair every day...uber glam for sitting at the desk and writing as I'm normally just wearing flip-flops! The shoes deserve to be worn! I recently dug out three pairs and snapped some pics of them. They're lovely and highly unsuitable for walking the dog but that's what makes them irresistible...rather like the chocolate fudge brownie cupcakes I made recently!

Anyway, here is the random mix of pics:

I've been working on small illustrations for the paperback version of Underleaf, a different one will appear as a small image underneath the title of each tale. I hope people will like them! This image accompanies the story Free Range.

Summer wouldn't be summer without many, many trips to the local beaches!

Wonderfully high (inappropriate dog-walking) ankle boots. It's been too hot to wear these really so I can't wait for the colder weather to set in just so I can wear boots!

My two boys playing about in the sea. Aren't they cute?! 
A sand sculpture my son snapped, this was on Broadstairs beach during Folk Week.

Now, I don't normally have pictures of cats, being more of a dog person, but this cutie  appeared in my nan's back garden.

Deliciously scrummy choc-fudge-brownie cupcakes I baked. Sadly they're all gone now so I need to make more - yay! I didn't know how they would taste as I made them without eggs and this was the first time I've ever made eggless cakes!

Fruit cookies drizzled with milk chocolate - these didn't last long either!

Not having an overly large garden we can't have a huge trampoline (boo!) but we do have this one and the dog loves it. He claimed it as his new "bed", choosing to stay on it right up until bedtime!

Another pair of beautiful sandals. I bought these five years ago for my pre-wedding party and am really fussy with liquid can come near them, no food, no dog's slobber...erm nothing! They're by Gina, the style is Rox which is still available on their site and, I presume, in their stores in London. The colour is Rose-Mist and I haven't seen this colour back in their collection since I bought them. 

My first ever newspaper interview! It was for the Isle of Thanet Gazette about my first novel, Lies Love Tells. The photo was taken in Margate Old Town and I was a bit embarrassed! The online version of the article is here.

Yes - another pair of (overly high) sandals! These were a bargain (£31.50) buy purchased before Christmas 2010 to wear on the special day. They're by the label Faith and it was the sparkle which attracted me to them.

Pretty thistles on a walk along the clifftop.

A tiger at Howlett's Wild Animal Park. It is rare we see  the tigers when we visit the zoo but this one obliged with a great photo opportunity as it passed the safety glass barrier. It was being very noisy and attracting a lot of attention! 

I always have to take pics of me and the (my) dog.

            Taken at the zoo, I liked the colours!

Have you been having a wonderful summer? Are you a collector/hoarder of a particular thing or are you a thrower-outer? 
Happy summer and thanks for stopping by!