A Postful of Randomness

I've been neglecting my blog a little lately so I decided to throw together a post of random pictures I've taken over the last few weeks. Sadly I haven't bought any shoes recently...oh wait, yes I have! 

I'm now busy working on my second novel, Exposing You, which I am hoping to release early next year. It's been quite an eventful year so far. I released my first novel, Lies Love Tells, and have been super pleased to have received some fantastic reviews, both online and in my local newspaper. It was hard work and, at times, I did feel sick (especially when clicking that button to publish) but it has been fun in a head-achy-sicky-panicky-euphoric kind of a way. I also released my first collection of short stories, Underleaf, and another free ebook containing two short stories, Love Lies at Viola's

I'm currently heavily into vintage clothes and can easily spend hours browsing online for fab finds, my latest purchases being black leather trousers and a pink leather midi skirt (which I still haven't worn out yet!) but whenever I do spend time vintage browsing I feel guilty as I should be writing!

Me (wearing some new glasses) and the big-mouthed dog!

Walking shadows!

First Christmas decoration of the year, isn't he cute?! When my mum was alive we would always buy early Christmas decorations whenever we saw one which grabbed our attention so it's a tradition I'll always carry on. 

Vintage boots by the couture designer label "Gina"  A bargain pair of never-been-worn arty boots for £30! I'm waiting for the perfect time to wear them, they're suede so there can't be even a hint of dampness when these step outside. 

Thanks for reading, back off to carry on with the writing now...well either that or looking for even more vintage bargains...


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