Beach, Dog, and Desserts!

I've not posted a blog about what I've been up to for quite some time. I'm currently super-busy working on my collection of short stories which I'm aiming to release in a week or two as a collection in a book entitled Underleaf. 

I thought I'd share some pictures I've taken recently of things I like/have made:

Some desserts I made - rhubarb crumble, apple crumble, and a strawberry syllabub.
Gold Award given to my son for earning hundreds of points for good behaviour.  I was very pleased with him!

In the past two months I have not managed to snap one decent picture of my dog. I think he is being stubborn and refusing to pose for me. 

Views of my local beaches, taken when walking the dog. I adore the coast.

A friendly butterfly which landed on my sun-lounger. (I was editing my work in the garden, honest!)

A fruit, cherry, and nut cake I made for my father. I have no idea what it tasted like as he scoffed it all himself!

What have you been taking pictures of recently? I've found mine are (as evidenced above) of food, the beach, the dog, or my son! Next week the Torch passes through Thanet and I'm hoping to snap a few pictures!

PS: my début novel, Lies Love Tells, is available FREE for a while on Smashwords, quote coupon code SSWIN at the checkout to receive 100% discount. Also, in the next day or two I will be running a Goodreads Giveaway of a signed copy of the book. 


  1. Mouth watering at your lovely puds. Unfortunatley, I am gluten and lactose intolerant so a lot of goodies are off limits. But, I can go for walks on the beach too and aren't we lucky to have so many gorgeous ones nearby?

    1. Hi Tara, thanks for stopping by! I agree - we do have wonderful beaches here. They have to be one of my most favourite things about the area.

  2. Awesome pics...thx for sharing them.

  3. Such great shots! I could do with a water scape about now. :)

  4. Thanks, David! I do adore the coast.


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