Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday's Present - When Dreams Come True by Rebecca Emin

This week seems to have flown by! Last week, I entered a giveaway to win a signed copy of the  book When Dreams Come True by the very lovely (and talented) Rebecca Emin. I won the book, even screaming a little when I found that out! I already have this book on my Kindle and have read it but it is wonderful to have a copy I can hold in my hands and show to people. 

Here's the book (notice the fridge magnets? There are two others of Rebecca's on there also. And, yes that is a 1980's Sindy doll sitting on the bottle lamps!)

When Dreams Come True - a novel for older children and teens:

Charlie is happiest when biking with Max and Toby, or watching films with Allie. But when Charlie reaches year nine (age 13), everything begins to change.

As her friends develop new interests, Charlie's dreams become more frequent and vivid, and a family crisis tears her away from her friends.

How will Charlie react when old family secrets are revealed? Will her life change completely when some of her dreams start to come true?

Here's some various places you can buy it:

Read Rebecca Emin's blog here, find out more about her other books, see the anthologies her work has featured in here, and visit Rebecca's site for younger readers.

Connect with Rebecca on Twitter and Facebook 

Have you received anything nice this week? Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Oh this blog post has got to be the most lovely thing I will see today!! Thanks so much, Gina!

    1. You're more than welcome, Rebecca! Receiving your book really made my day!