Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sun, Cocktails, and The X Factor

We really enjoy watching The X Factor and my husband and I were super-pleased to receive tickets to watch the auditions on Monday 28th May. We travelled up to Greenwich, London, on the Sunday before and stayed overnight in The Pilot Inn just a hair-spit away from the O2.  We enjoyed two-for-one on cocktails in The Slug and Lettuce and shared some food (all of which was delicious) in the evening.

So, after a lovely evening I was really looking forward to a nice sleep but thanks to a chemical fire at a factory somewhere nearby, I was woken really early (04.30) by what sounded like an air-raid siren! And it went on for what seemed like forever! Knowing I needed to be awake by 06.30 really didn't help - I get kind of grumpy when sleep deprived!

Finally the moaning-minnie sound stopped then before I knew it, my wake-up alarm was going off! So, with my grumpy head on, I readied for The Queueing. 

It's a pleasant walk up the Greenwich Peninsula to the O2 and after a fabulous omelette breakfast at the Inn, we strolled up there and I felt a little more normal (well, normal for me). Even at 9.00 in the morning the sun was already out and shining. 

We started lining up in the pens at about 09.00 and eventually moved inside around 11.45. The heat was intense and we had to put up an umbrella for a little shade. We did manage to snap some shots of the judges though, so although the wait was long I think it was worth it! I thought I'd share some of the photos I took:

After cocktails and food, looking pretty quiet but a lovely evening.

Our early morning view of the smoke from the fire, the siren was really loud!

Morning strolling around to the other side of the O2.

The weather was amazingly hot.
Rita Ora looked stunning, her glasses were very cool!

Louis Walsh spent a lot of time posing with fans.

Gary Barlow attracted a lot of screams from the fans!

Tulisa was looking beautiful, she's my favourite judge! She spent the most time posing with fans and signing things.

Aren't Tulisa's shoes fab? They're by  Kandee 
We had a great time watching the auditions and were lucky to have seats which afforded a good view of the stage. The warm-up guy, Ian Royce (Roycey) is fantastic and every time we see him, he really entertains us. If you haven't seen him in action it's well worth trying to get onto a show where he's the warm-up! He's on Twitter @officialroycey. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a photo of Ian as my phone ran out of charge as soon as I was in the O2!

And finally, if you really, really want to hear something annoying here's the siren sound:

I can't wait to watch the show on TV, how about you? Are you an X Factor fan? Who is your favourite judge? 

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  1. That's our Gina, mixing with the stars. Sounds a lot of fun.

    1. It was fun! Shame I didn't get a photo of me with Tulisa (would definitely have needed to have had my hair done professionally!)

  2. Wow, fantastic! How cool that you got tickets for this and that you got to see Gary and Tulisa.

    1. It was a good day, albeit a long day! Tulisa was the last to arrive and received the most cheers although Gary's fans screamed extremely loudly!

  3. This sounds like such an adventure. I'm sure Gary is getting more attractive as he gets older. He doesn't really appeal to me in that way but he's so talented... and my good friend thinks he's gorgeous so he must be.

    Shame about that alarm though. I get cranky (and migraines) when I don't get enough sleep too, so I understand how annoying that was!

    1. Yes, I think Gary is growing more attractive with age! The alarm was hideous, depriving me of a few hours of sleep - gah!

  4. We have the X Factor here in Italy as well! Thankyou for your recent follow of my book review blog, which I hope you will find of interest. I will add you to the Author Blog roll there.