Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Launch Day of Housewife with a Half-Life by A.B.Wells

I recently stumbled across an interesting looking book via Rebecca Emin and decided to join in with the author's launch day. The book is Housewife with a Half-Life by A.B.Wells.

I really love its cover and have snapped up my own copy for Kindle! Doesn't it look fab?


Susan Strong is a suburban housewife who is literally disintegrating. When, Fairly Dave, a biker jacket & kilt wielding spaceman arrives through the shower head to warn her, she knows things are serious. When she and her precocious 4 year twins Pluto and Rufus get sucked through Frozen Peas into another universe it gets even messier. In a world where household appliances are more alive and dangerous than they seem, where the Geezers have Entropy Hoovers and the Spinner’s Cataclysmic convertor could tear the world apart, Susan Strong is the only thing holding the word together.
      Through this madcap, funny and feel-good adventure, Susan Strong and Fairly Dave travel the alternate universes where Susan has to find her many selves, dodge the Geezers and defeat the evil memory bankers. From dystopian landscapes and chicken dinners, to the surreal world of Las Vegas and bubble universes, can Susan Strong reintegrate her bits and will it be enough to save us all?

Find out more about the author:

On Alison's links there will be giveaways, the shortlist and results of the 42 word flash fiction competition and a fun treasure hunt where you have to hunt Housewife with a Half-Life related web activity to find the answers to some clues! 

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  1. Thanks so much Gina. The post looks great on this smashing blog! I hope everyone enjoys this fun read :-)

    1. You're welcome! I'm really looking forward to reading your book!

  2. Thanks for joining in, Gina, you are such a star xx

    1. Thank you, Rebecca! It's such a fab looking book!x