Début Novel released on Kindle!

My début novel, "Lies Love Tells", is now available for Kindle on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com. 
There will be a paperback version but this is a few months away!

About "Lies Love Tells":

Saze Monnivan can’t help wondering if her Mr Him is really vanishing night after night to guzzle alcohol with his best mate, Mr Dry. Does Mr Dry hate Saze? As Saze rants in her blog diary, her real life takes a sharp turn, spiralling her into unknown territory. Why does the headmaster of the local school hold such appeal?
There’s something awful happening to young women in the town and no matter how hard Saze tries to avoid it, she finds herself irrevocably drawn into the madness. As Saze’s life peaks and falls spectacularly she pours her emotions into her blog, attracting interest and comments. Can she really trust new faces? Do Saze’s followers only exist in the virtual sense or does she need to look over her shoulder? Mr Him’s too dumb to have discovered her blog, isn’t he?


  1. I somehow missed this yesterday, sorry, but I have just bought my copy and I can't wait to read it. I love the cover a lot, you have done an amazing job with that. Congratulations!

  2. Thank you, Rebecca! I really hope you enjoy it!

  3. I've just seen this - off to check it out now! Congrats, Gina.


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