Monday, 8 August 2011

Adoration - Poem

I thought I'd share a poem I wrote for my father way back in 2009.  "Adoration" was previously published in a collection, joined by three hundred plus poems by other poets.  I must admit I have not read them all yet!


You used to read to me stories of mystery
With voices many and images bountiful.
Green elephants, peas, beans and bacon
Is it any wonder it’s the writer road I have taken?

You taught through your own disposition,
You with a book or paper always on chair arm
A rubber-grip pen flicking between thoughtful fingers,
Feet upon table bare.

From hands of creativity came paintings, benches,
Tomes and more,
From sanding doors to pastel chalked
And water painted pictures from mind so full.

Elevated to platform high
That mere mortals cannot even hope to crawl,
Fore upon it sits
An adored Father after all.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Reluctant Gardener

There’s nothing I love more than looking over, or sitting in, a lovely garden while writing.  Unfortunately I’m not too enamoured with the actual work needed to produce such wonderful, botanical delights.  My own garden is not particularly very large, more of a postage stamp size than football pitch and, owing to the dog, is never going to be picture perfect. 

With summer looming I decided that I really should take the matter into hand and donned my pink gardening gloves.  Plants have been rooted, patios painted and weeds wrenched.  I bought a teacup and teapot planter, several in guises of footwear, a light-catching mushroom decoration, and colourful ball lights plus I even painted an old pair of shoes and a stone donkey. Son has been ordered NOT to bounce his heavy, noisy ball anywhere near the new planters, cue the raising of one eyebrow (something that I’m sure he’ll use on girls in the future) and huffs of: “Where am I supposed to play basketball then?”, “You’ll have to move them!” and shrugs of “Oh well they’ll get broken.”

There’s still plenty to do, especially with the scrap of grass which has borne the brunt of Dog’s frenzied running antics but for this weekend at least I’m taking a break because it’s raining.  If it wasn't, I’d rather be supping a nicely chilled glass of wine on the patio not pruning the roses.

A bee enjoying the roses.

New planters, my favourites are the shoes!

Garden decorations and a new plant (I have no idea of its name).

Mosaic sparkling mushroom, ball lights and painted shoes.

An old shoe painted for decoration and a lizard ornament.

How the patio used to look (note the bike tyre marks courtesy of Son) & how it now looks.

The donkey I painted.

My beautiful roses in bloom which I never prune.
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!