Monday, 30 May 2011

Unusual Shoes

It's been a gorgeous, sunny Bank Holiday so far.  Son and I visited the nearby town of Broadstairs, ambled on the beach, enjoyed ice-cream and coffee .  I bought Son a polished agate egg to add to his fossil/gemstone mess, sorry collection.  As for me; I have these:

Hope you've all had a wonderful long weekend!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

What to Zoo

Having been so incredibly fortunate in the sunshine stakes during the recent school break, Son and I visited one of our favourite places.  Howletts zoo.

We bought a Howletts "Passport" which meant for the price of one-day tickets we can return to the zoo for the next twelve months, what a fantastic offer!

Howletts, The Aspinall Wild Animal Park, is a wonderful experience.  Son loves the gorillas and monkeys, I love the Lynx, Capybara and the African Hunting Dogs.  We both adore the Canadian Timber wolves and were fortunate to snatch a picture of one, usually they are hidden in their enclosure.   There was a young European Bison which I cooed over and young monkeys.

To read about Howletts, The Aspinall Wild Animal Park click here.