Monday, 12 September 2011

Cake, why did you let me down?

To celebrate my birthday I decided to make my own cake. Now this may be a little sad but I do need the practise as I am in charge of making a cake for my cousin’s 18th, at the end of this month. I partially squidged the top layer by accident while icing it and I was so angry! Being the rather impatient type I only spent four and a half hours decorating it. I know that I’ll have to be super-patient to create an artistic masterpiece for my cousin.

The three layers consisted of a heart-shaped vanilla sponge base and two higher tiers of chocolate marble cake, sandwiched together with butter cream. I made all the decorations, even attempting sugar flowers (which I have never made before).

I was super lucky and Husband treated me to a meal out on the Friday before my birthday. And my present? A kindle! Yay! I am so excited to be able to fill it with literary delights. Husband also bought me a gorgeous, amethyst dress which I paired with some metallic sandals I had forgotten about. Easy to do considering I don’t know how many pairs of shoes I actually own. Maybe three hundred? I think I’m a bit of a hoarder!

Dress & Shoes

Earrings & Ruffles.
Are you a hoarder? A collector of something unusual? Does your partner/husband/wife/parent/child stash vast amounts of something you really wish they wouldn’t?
Off now to attempt to make more sugar paste flowers. Must. Learn. Patience.


  1. Yay for Kindles! And that cake looks glorious!

    I'm not a hoarded. More of a thrower-outer!

    Happy belated birthday!

  2. Thank you! I hate throwing things out - makes me kind of sad!