Just A Sunny Monday

Easter break has descended fast and the weather has been glorious.  Son and I made the most of the sunshine and spent Monday morning mooching the shops of Deal and relaxing on the beach at Walmer.  Son loves the pebbled beach and could happily spend hours picking through the pebbles for perfect round ones (rollers) and smooth, flat ones (skimmers) or uniquely shaped discoveries.  He presented me with one shaped like a heart, "This one's for you, Mum!"  Wind whipped over the walls of pebbles but not enough to warrant jackets.
We returned home for the afternoon, collected Dog and ambled to another beach closer to home.  Dog and Son braved the frothy surf of Botany Bay and Foreness Point to dip their toes, I ventured in but the sea was far too numbing and I quickly hopped back onto the warm sand.

I think we three are destined to enjoy a beachy break this Easter time.  Well it beats Son having his head stuck pointed at his new computer console!

I decided the sea was too cold for toe-dipping!

Mountains of pebbles at Walmer Beach.

Son discovered this pebble for me! Awww!

Son and his "Rollers".

Rapid waves, sunny but still a chill.

My Kathy Van Zeeland bag (a Mother's Day gift) looked
fittingly nautical.

Warm yet windswept! 


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