Valentine, Hearts and Champagne

It was a little disappointing that Valentine's day fell on a Monday this year so I decided to cook a three course meal for Husband at home for the Saturday before Valentine's day.

I started by preparing my desserts on Friday evening.  I opted for lemon cheesecake with ginger biscuit base and a topping of lemon syllabub.  To fancy them up, I ladled the mixture into cocktail glasses and made a heart glass charm.  

I mashed sweet potatoes and mixed with fresh chives, parsley, onions and spices to make curried potato bites for the starter.  I served these with a garlic, chive and cheese dip plus a tomato salsa version (all home-made).  I baked lightly seasoned bread twists as a side accompaniment. 

At the end of preparing all that I was thoroughly baked-out and decided that for mains I would oven-bake a white wine and cheese risotto, I know it was lazy!

I cut hearts from glittery felt and card and tossed these onto the dining table runner as heart-confetti.  I'd bought scented candles for an Austrian "Adventskranz", I decorated it with sweet-smelling pot pourri, hearts and beads.  My husband and I were gifted the Adventskranz at Christmas by Husband's daughter and I thought it so lovely that I have decided to use it all year round.

To finish the Valentine meal off, I made Vodka chocolate cups, some infused with mint but all filled with a generous measure of the alcohol!

The bread twists and dips.

A card I made for Husband.

Heart decorated Adventskranz.

Our Valentine table.

Our Swarovski Champagne flutes, which were a gift to me on my wedding day
from my husband.  I love the crystals in the stems.

Valentine carnations, not roses as I love carnations!

The mascarpone cheesecake desserts.


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