Timmy's Last Wheek

Timmy, my last guinea pig, has joined his house-mate, Tommy, who died some fair time ago now.  This evening Timmy was immobile with ruffled fur and a bowl of uneaten food.  I scooped him up into a box with soft sawdust and brought him into the house, positioned him near to the radiator and stroked him gently.  

In a short time he squeaked once and his little body shuddered its last. Timmy lived for a little over five years so he had a fairly long life and he enjoyed his lifestyle, with fresh food and his own little house within a fenced outdoor enclosure. 

His enclosure now lies abandoned and Oscar, Timmy's five-year old female rabbit neighbour, is alone.   She will be set to inherit a newer, larger enclosure as there is no longer the need for two.  

I don't think I'll buy any more guinea pigs, I am a terrible softy and it upsets me when they pass away.  I shall miss Timmy's wheeking, he always knew when it was time for food and he was very vocal about wanting it!

Tomorrow Timmy will be buried next to Tommy.  I know that I'll shed another tear for my silent guinea pig.


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