Memories of Mum

Today it has been a whole year since my mum died.  Here I have added some photos remembering all of the happy moments spent together.  There are many happy memories that I cherish, these photos are but a snapshot of the wonderful, kind, beautiful and courageous Sharon Dickerson.  My mother.

Mum and I after I had competed in
a school sports day. 1980's

Us, I loved this jumper which
Mum bought in River Island

At a family wedding in the mid 1990's
I am the poser!

A windy day at Reculver Castle

Posing in the 1980's

Mum on her wedding day, I remember
wearing this jacket with jeans when I was a teenager

Mum and I in about 1995 - this was before
I had hair straighteners!

One of my favourite photos of my mum

At a family wedding in the 1980's

We were both young in this pic

At another family wedding in the early 1980's

On our last family holiday together, Mum showing her
determination to carry on. 2009

On holiday in 2007

On my wedding day 2007, Leeds Castle

Gorgeous in the 1980's

While at school, Lausanne, Mum was a

With me on my wedding day, we
both wore 'Gina of London' Swarovski crystal sandals

My parents wedding reception, cutting
the cake.  1979 hence the curtains!

My parents on a sunny afternoon
in Hastings

Mum in the late 1970's

Mum expecting me, 1979

My parents on their wedding day in 1979

My parents, one of my birthday meals
at the Captain Digby

Mum strolling at Broadstairs

Mum and I one Christmas time

Mum on one of our many days out!

My parents, Dover Western Heights

Mum could never resist stroking the animals!

Us at Druidstone Park

Us at Farming World, of course we stroked the animals!

My parents at Walmer Castle

I loved this shirt that Mum bought me, I wore it lots!

On one of our many holidays!

Mum wearing my slippers, 1995,
she would spend hours chatting with me in
my bedroom.

Young love! My parents in the 1970's
before I was born!

Us on holiday again

My parents in our garden after one
of my school sports days. Mid 1980's

Mum in Rome, St. Peter's Square

Mum and Dad with our old dog, Dodger, he was
so playful!

Sunning in my nan's garden one summer
early 1990's


  1. I've just looked at all of these photos, they are absolutely gorgeous and what a lovely tribute to your Mum.

    1. Thank you, Rebecca. They bring back such wonderful memories.

  2. Wow, Gina. What a collection of memories. How wonderful that you had such a great relationship with your mother. Must make today's reflections easier than they might have been. Rejoice in the loveliness. xx

    1. Hi Jacqueline, thanks for stopping by. Yes, remembering all the happy times. x

  3. Hi Gina .. I've commented on your today's post ... I love the photos - and your mother was a stunner ... so pleased you've put these up on the blog for us ... and for you -

    Cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks, Hilary - thanks for commenting today. Yes, she was lovely!

  4. Gina, what a beautiful pictorial tribute to your Mum - I can see where you get your love of glam from. The clothes in themselves tell a story - 1980s!!!! So lovely to see such a close family - you must miss her dreadfully. But what a gorgeous and special fund of memories. Thank you for sharing them.

    1. Thank you, Tara. We did love clothes, especially clothes shopping, shoe shopping, present shopping - most kinds of shopping!


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