Sunday, 12 December 2010

Love the Place You're In

The snow has long since disappeared but I managed to take some beautiful pictures of one part of the Thanet Coast. I have long been in love with the Thanet coastline, indeed I have not found one I enjoy more throughout my travels within England. (Although Tintagel always holds a mystical allure!)

It was very cold and the snow looked ethereal sweeping across damp sand. Wouldn't it be perfect to have snow for Christmas day?

Hair, Hair I do despair!

I'm always frustrated with my hair. It's either too short, too fluffy, too boring or just too plain! Here are a few looks I've experimented with lately:

I'm not very adept at putting my hair up in artful styles maybe this will be my next task! Now I'm deciding on how to wear it for Christmas...wonder if it will grow a foot between now and then? Santa?

Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow but Bread

The much eagerly anticipated snow finally arrived much to the delight of Son and my Siberian husky. Son was overjoyed to have the day off school to play in the cold, white outside. Dog and Son were both scratching at the back door before breakfast had even been consumed.

We bundled up in warm clothes to head to the park. Snow still lay untouched like icing and we each raced to be the first to stamp in the crunchy freshness.

Later that afternoon we ventured to the coast and braved the icy-breath-catching wind blowing from the sea. We watched snow sweeping across the sand and jumped in snow covered piles of the same. It was bitterly cold, our faces numbed but the dog really was in his element, living up to his "Siberian" side.

The snow seems to have ceased falling at the moment much to Son's disappointment but we're off out to investigate what is left regardless!

Although we do really love the white stuff it is a complete pain buying bread in this area! All of the local supermarkets have run out, thankfully a bakers near to us is still operating normally. In one supermarket carpark there is currently standing a large delivery lorry, seemingly not delivering bread. So when the first flake of snow begins to fall next, I'm baking my own rolls and loaves...not that I really need an excuse to do extra baking but it seems a good excuse.