Snow what?

It may be a little early to be contemplating the installation of Christmas decorations in Mid-November but I can't help thinking how early Christmas started for me last year. Last October my family learned that my mum had only a few months left to live, so knowing how much she always loved all aspects of Christmas - shopping, decorating and baking to name a few, I pulled the decorations out at the end of October. However this year, although I wish for those trees to sparkle right now, I am impatiently waiting for the turn of December. I did, however, succumb to a little Christmas festivity and bought a snow-globe. Ground-breaking? Of course not. Exciting? Yes! I've never owned a snow-globe before. Son requested one of his own...until I reminded him that he already has three.

So even though this year is bound to be fraught with emotion, I'm wishing for the lights to sparkle brighter, twinkle stronger and the decorations to be even more beautiful. They have a task this Christmas time - to be seen from further afar than ever before.


  1. They will be burning bright not just this Christmas but forever. We may not be able to see those we love but they are there for us in a word in a book in a joke or a TV programme. You will if you are like me often thinking MUM WOULD HAVE LIKED THIS.

  2. Thanks for your comments, greatly appreciated


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