Chocolate, Chocolate!

Today was another day for lunching. This time I decided to make only chocolates, although they did take quite a bit of effort and time to put together!

I made vanilla flavoured mascarpone chocolate cups with crumbled wafers and almonds and velvety, orange, brandy flavoured truffle cups with honeycomb. I'm thinking of more to make for Friday when I'll be seeing an old friend and her new baby.


  1. I like it. Christmas is on the way. Try to cook some traditional dishes Gina....

  2. Definitely will be - I always bake a Christmas cake and mince pies!

  3. OMG they look great!

    I follow you!! Follow me back!

    xoxo Marta

  4. Thanks! They tasted fab!

    Thanks for the follow, I've checked out & followed your blog - it's very interesting.


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