All Hallows Eve

Some of my Halloween art.

My Siberian husky as a Vampire Wolf.

The mannequin and head-lamp!

Me and my Son peeking out from under my arm!

Tombstones - the two large ones are home-made.

Boozy Jelly and pumpkin.

I decided to have an impromptu Halloween party. Son, who is 10 years, was coerced into dressing up, even the dog participated!

Son and I painted signs, made sparkling flying bat decorations, created tombstones, I made a hanging vampire and we carved pumpkins ready for the party.

I made a boozy jelly for the adults, which seemed to be a hit - even if the vodka lime layer was a tad strong!

The mannequin had a witchy makeover and I displayed some gruesome digital art pictures that I had created of Son and me. The head-lamp I designed fitted in with the theme but I use this lamp all year round, not just for Halloween!

I ordered a new medieval dress from a lady who makes them on ebay. I styled it with a black wig, a curled black hair piece, dark make-up and towering platform heels to be a medieval vampire. I absolutely adore my Halloween costume and will feel sad wrapping it up for next year, maybe an excuse to have a Medieval Banquet Christmas party?

Tonight, on All Hallows Eve, light a candle to remember the dead. As the tale goes, the barrier between the afterlife and this world is thin on this evening thereby allowing spirits to pass into our world. Terrifying costumes where adopted to fool the evil spirits into believing the wearer was also evil thus ensuring the wearers safety. Spirits of the good and dead were also believed to be able to pass into this world and so the lighting of the candle was introduced as tradition on this night, either within a pumpkin (again a deterrent against those evil spirits) or a single candle. I will be lighting for my dearest mum who passed in February this year. Who will you light for?


  1. I like Vampire wolf give him a hug from me

  2. Next year I'll be teaching him to show his 'fangs' on command!


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