I remember shopping trips,
Where all I wanted was a cake,
Packet of peanuts or something to make.
I remember linking arms through yours,
Silly boys calling us names we’d ignore.
I remember arms weighted with shopping bags,
Returning home to our dog with his stumpy tail wags.
Leisurely bath times, bubbles, gossip and more,
That always left Father banging on the door.
I remember you coming home with shoes for me,
Three pairs at once, you encouraged my shoe-addiction you see.
I remember my room, clothes strewn around,
You were talking to me, tidying while I lounged.

I remember the call, I was at work.
I remember the pain, I remember the hurt.
The hospital visits, cold and clinical.
I hated it there; it was not you at all.
I remember the changes to you,
Your hair, your tastes, your energy, your life,
The pain of my father of fear for his wife.
I’ll remember it even when I am old,
The way you are ill but are never cold.
I’ll remember the way your chest heaves
When you try to do the simplest thing, like breathe.
I’ll remember the way you’ve always loved me,
I’ll remember the way you give me strength to see
That it’s right to fight the hand we’re given in life,
Regardless of the effort, struggle or strife.

I’ll remember it most how I never want to be without you,
My mother, I am proud of everything you do.
You are strong, beautiful and true
I hope I can be just like you.

In Memory of Sharon Dickerson 1961 - 2010


  1. Lovely poem, lovely memories. I'm almost ready to head out the door to my grandmother's funeral, so I especially appreciate this today.

  2. Thank you, memories can be very personal so I am glad that this poem touched you on this difficult day.


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