Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Twittering Twit

I've finally joined Twitter, although I wonder if I will ever tweet anything of interest.

I am also an Avon Rep and I dutifully filled out the forms that accompany the catalogues, putting the date for delivery as the 22nd Feb. Returning from visiting my parents I collected the catalogues and spoke to one of my regular customers, assuring her that the delivery date, albeit extremely imminent, was correct.

I pulled out the calendar when I returned home and realised that I was wrong. The 22nd Feb was actually the date I needed to log orders, I would deliver the following week. Frustrated, I kicked myself and decided I would need to print notes detailing such for my customers. For speed I decided to text the customer who I have a mobile number for. I quickly glanced at the calendar, typed in the date of Monday 27th and sent it winging its way to her. With a gulp I realised I had made a mistake yet again. What a complete twit. I now had to confess that I lacked the ability to read a calendar and sent the correct date to her (the 27th is actually a Saturday, not the Monday I intended).

I do wonder if I am setting myself up for a major fall in joining Twitter. I am certain that I will make a complete Twit out of myself.

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