Monday, 8 February 2010

Saze Interest

I started writing the “Saze Monnivan” blog page as a fiction-blog diary and intended it to be a long story posted almost every day. I am now wondering whether I should attempt to write this is a full length piece of work. I have written one full length piece of work that is sitting in a folder. I have also written almost half of a second and a third of another.

I know the Saze tale still needs working on as the entries on the “Saze Monnivan” page are only first drafts, written and posted immediately.

Have you found this story interesting? Would you want to read more to find out what happens to Saze? Are you interested in whether she ever settles with Mr. Cool, Mr. Dry, Mr. Nice or another unknown? Would you like to know whether the cake idea takes off for her or whether Mr. Him receives his comeuppance?

I am deliberating this now (I am concerned about copying of this story as I’ve noticed a link to a site with an altered name added into my writings) and am wondering whether to pursue this story or whether to pull out my first novel length piece and re-edit. I’ll probably end up doing both anyway!

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