Monday, 18 January 2010

Desperately Seeking Dress

I need to buy a dress for an early summer wedding plus one to wear for an occasion further into the summer. So, I thought, simple solution would be to buy one dress for both occasions as there is little chance of the same people being at both. Great idea but simple? Absolutely not. I have been looking for months for a suitable dress. Not too short, not too bright, not too stunning, not too frumpy, a flattering shape but not revealing or too tight, one without a floral print (I don’t do patterns), not too low cut on the cleavage area. I even ordered a couple from my usual catalogue which looked absolutely stunning on the models on the website.
Eagerly I awaited their arrival and as soon as they did, I had the packaging off in 30 seconds flat. I doubt a piranha could have de-skinned them as quick as I. The first one had a fantastic bubble-hem skirt and high neck top. Once on, it made me appear as if I were an eighties shoulder-pad-loving- woman-who- lunches, not there is anything wrong with that; I love the eighties, but the thing that really miffed me was that dress was actually sleeveless. The second dress had gorgeous beading detail under the bust, but was far too low, I mean my cleavage does not end at my navel so do I seriously want a dress that makes me look as if I am in need of industrial scaffolding? And the skirt part of it…well there’s not much I can say on that except boring with a capital B.
As I feared, it will be back to the local shopping centre for a dress-trawl. I do not hold much hope considering I have looked there many, many times before. I’ve even resorted to wading my way through items on an online auction site, but still not a dress for me in sight.
It’s not like I don’t have plenty of gorgeous dresses in my collection – I do, full on vintage eighties, glamorous full-length (a complete no-no at any wedding other than your own, unless you are part of the bridal party), full skirted fifties style, sexy short evening dresses, sparkly disco but, unfortunately, not a wedding appropriate one do I own.
Maybe I’ll have to dust off the sewing machine and make my own…hmmm I’ve never been any good at reading instructions which means the design would certainly be ‘unique’.

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